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  • Indo Wildlife & Cultural Safari

    Indonesia is a very culturally diverse country and on this tour you will experience three widely different cultures, Hindu, Christian and Islamic where you will meet the friendly people of Indonesia in widely different circumstances. You will see the dry tropics with the Giant Lizards (commonly known as Komodo Dragons only present in this small group of islands) and experience fabulous reefs with corals, sponges and fish of great biodiversity.

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  • Glorious Indonesia

    The unique island of Bali with its special rice paddies, the cultural centre at Ubud and Dolphins in the north. Also experience the wet tropics with its rainforests, unique and endangered primates (Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys, Siomang Gibbons, other Primates, Elephants, and possibly a Rhino and the smell of the Tiger). The Rimba experience has been described as “the best wild orangutan experience in the world”.

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  • On Either Side Of The Wallace Line

    This tour celebrates the dynamic work of the nineteenth century explorer Albert Wallace, who played a major role in Darwin’s thinking about the evolution and development of our planet. The ecology on both side of the Wallace Line is completely different.

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  • Trans Flores Cultural , Scenic and Wildlife Safari

    This tour is very flexible according to flight times and desires of the guest. It is either a 7 day tour as indicated or it can be shortened by two days by flying direct from Labuan Bajo to Ende.

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