Our Tours and Travel company Ecosafari Indonesia run five main types of tour, namely, those

  1. based at one of the five lodges of ELI in Bali, Borneo, Flores or Sumatra
  2. which are inter lodge combining key aspects of each lodge into one unique travel experience in Indonesia eg “On either side of the Wallace Line” combining Komodo Dragons and Orangutans the dry and wet tropics respectively
  3. special bird tours which specialise showing birders many parts of Indonesia on either side of the Wallace Line. During these tours visitors experience other wildlife and many aspects of some of the many cultures of Indonesia
  4. to parts of the country where ELI does not have a lodge but has good partners eg Yogjakarta in Java and Lore Lindu National Park in South Sulawesi, showing visitors a mixture of culture, volcanoes and temples throughout Indonesia’s most important island
  5. which use one of our Tour guides in special tailor made tours eg our Art Tour led by Alexandra Robb, our cultural, scenic and wildlife tour led by the Wilsons and our special Bird Tour led by Nyoman Martini and our lodge bird guides

If you wish to design your own special tour, this can also be undertaken in consultation with Gede Ori.

ECOSAFARI INDONESIA can be contacted at http://ecosafariindonesia.com/all-tours-and-bookings/, and you can contact us at email [email protected]