Our Initiatives

Campaign to help reforest Tanjung Putting National Park

FireThe fires this year have been the worst ever. Fuelled by a particularly bad dry season due the El Nino weather pattern and the ever increasing clearing of land for palm oil, the fires have spread into National Parks and primary forest. It is estimated that 20,000 wild orangutans have been lost. The rains have now started bringing much needed relief for the wildlife and local fire fighters. It is critical now to use the rain to start replanting. This is a massive undertaking.

Please donate to help plant trees to rebuild the forest.

Your donation will go directly to helping the volunteers on the ground in Tanjung Puting.

Conservation, Community and Culture are at the Heart of our existence

Fire2Ecolodges Indonesia strives to provide a unique eco tourism experience to each of our guests. Each lodge is dedicated to education and engaging communities in sustainability, the environment, promoting the unique and diverse cultures of the Indonesian people and supporting efforts to protect some of the world's most endangered species.

Some recent initiatives include extension of the Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge, building a small meeting room at this also; purchasing 5 ha of land at the edge of the MBeliling bird sanctuary, extending our solar power systems at Kelimutu and more importantly the develoment of a new and large system at the Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge in Borneo and commencing several small activities funded by the company conservation fund. The company now owns and protects over 50 ha around all our lodges which is all for conservation.

Lodge Specific Initiatives

  • Satwa Sumatra Elephant Eco Lodge:

    Supports Park Ranger activities through all our tours especially those involving camping in the park. The local  Alert Bird Club is financially assisted. This club consists of members of our staff, park rangers, local guides and others in the community. The aim is to promote bird identification and conservation. Their main project is to save the endangered “White Winged Wood Duck”.

  • Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge:

    Environmental education in the Primary School based in the village of Tandjung Harapan. Meryl Wilson has commenced a link with this school by organizing gifts of writing materials by guests. She also hopes to develop an environmental training program similar to that in Kelimutu. The Lodge supports the Guides Association by supporting their Training Courses and using their Guides on our tours.

  • Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge:

    Over 100 pupils from 8 primary and secondary schools in the Jimbaran and Nusa Dua areas are given free membership to our Udayana Cricket Club, the first Indonesian managed club in the country. The community results of this program since 2002 are staggering including 11 players on the national team playing all over the Asia Pacific region, 4 pupils attending a Justin Langer camp in Perth, 3 pupils at training courses at The Cricket Australia Cricket Academy, many players playing in local leagues and tournaments and in general a growth of self confidence in a large number of boys moving into manhood. While ELI has put in some funding, employees of the company have been responsible for obtaining funding from the International Cricket Council, The West Australian Cricket Association, Cricket Australia and many private club members from all over the cricketing world.

  • Bajo Komodo Eco Lodge:

    Supports a Coucal Conservation Area. The area around this lodge is seriously threatened as a bird Conservation area. The lodge has established a Coucal conservation area in the grounds as an example of how a small area can be used.

    Local Tourism School. Trainees from the school are given access to all aspects of our lodge management as part of their training. At any one time, 4 – 6 trainees may be at the lodge.

  • Kelimutu Crater Lakes Eco Lodge:

    Supports Ikat Weavers. The area of Moni is inhabited by the Lio people who are justly famous for their weaving which is hand done from the creation of dyes to final product in small villages. The Lodge specializes in six motifs and assists in selling these in our shop and also through our tours which bring funds to the weavers through visits by tourists.

    Environmental education in the Secondary School based in the village of Moni. Meryl Wilson has commenced a link with this school by giving a talk on Butterflies and their life history. This program will be supported by guests who wish to become involved and also by our manager Marianus who will give short talks on important aspects of Conservation.