Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge is powered by solar energy and is set in valley beside a burbling river with excellent views of Mount Kelimutu, set in the mountains near the village of Moni in Eastern Flores. This unique lodge , designed and built by Meryl Wilson, provides an ideal haven of peace for the trans Flores traveler. The lakes lie at 1,400m. above sea level in the volcanic craters of Kelimutu and the water in the lakes is known to change colour suddenly. Kelimutu is a special area sacred to the Lio people. The climate is cool and fresh and a dawn experience at the Kelimutu lakes is a must. The village of Moni, with it’s traditional chief’s house, is only a 15 minute walk away ¬†and the lodge is a great base for bird watching and hiking, and visiting local weavers. We have just added a small conference centre and another five cottages to this lodge recently chosen by the Indonesian and Swedish Governments as one of two hotels in Indonesia to be used in a Carbon Footprint study. This lodge scores the highest in our company Eco Certification measurement system. Thus we now have 22 rooms available in this peaceful valley only one km from the village of Moni.

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