About Us

A range of expertise and skills are found in the operation of the Eco Lodges, including environmentalists, veterinarians, academics, hospitality and tourism industry business people, landscape architects, lawyers, philanthropists, eco tourism experts and guides.

We are unashamedly a company who only employs local people at our lodges as a CONSERVATION measure aimed to strengthen and empower their commitment to the environment as an employment source. We believe that protection of national parks will only occur through sustainable jobs to persons on the edge of parks. Our guests thus play a vital role in this process contributing in many ways including a 10US$ contribution to the company CONSERVATION FUND for their booking.

We are a Foreign Investment (PMA) company receiving no government assistance.  Many of our staff are involved in the company as investors (now over 20). Our foreign and Indonesian supporters bring a range of expertise and skills to the operation of all lodges registered with Ecolodges Indonesia.

Supporters also can become involved in the company as tour leaders, Board members, trainers in English, Guiding, Birding and in many other areas.

Founding Members

Dr. Alan Wilson Alan is the Chairman of Eco Lodges Indonesia. Alan was born in Malawi, grew up in Uganda and moved to Indonesia after the Idi Amin period flying his family in a single engined aircraft from Tororo (Uganda) to Townsville (Australia). He is a veterinarian and now concentrates on working for Eco Lodges Indonesia. He is based in Bali with his wife Meryl but both travel widely between the lodges and a home in Australia. In 2009, he was given a Doctorate Honoris Causa from Edinburgh University for his services to the global community and in 2015 a national “Lifetime Services Award” by the Indonesian Government for his services to sports development (especially cricket) in the country over the period 1993 – the present.

Meryl Wilson Meryl grew up in Kenya. She is a Physiotherapist and designer and has a particular expertise in local butterfly species. Meryl is also a pioneer of the company and the design creator and project manager of lodge developments. She has designed and built three of our lodges at Udayana, Bajo and Kelimutu, redesigned two more (Rimba and Satwa), published hand painted books on Indonesian butterflies (101 Butterflies of Indonesia’s lowlands) and animals principally for education purposes in primary schools. She is also the Chairman of the company Conservation Fund.

Prof. Birute Galdikas Internationally recognized scientist, conservationist, anthropologist and educator working with orangutans in Kalimantan for more than four decades. She was born in Lithuania, now an Indonesian citizen dividing her time between the US, Canada and Indonesia. she has been President of the Orangutan International Foundation, is Professor Extraordinaire at the Universitas Nasional, Jakarta; and is a Professor at the Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Claire Vaux Oelrichs Veterinarian, conservationist and founder of Save Indonesia’s Endangered Species Fund. She lives in Australia and the development of non-dependent conservation is her main interest. She now leads annual tours for Steppes Discovery (UK), Australian university groups and International Park Tours (Australia).

If you are interested in conservation and the role that eco tourism can play in protecting unique and threatened ecosystems by becoming a supporter please contact Marie Gale (mariegale@ecolodgesindonesia.com) or register for our regular Newsletter (jocp1@bigpond.com.au).

Our First Board

The first Board of Directors was elected for 5 years at the AGM of 2008 and currently consisted of 5 people.

Dr. Alan Wilson, veterinarian Founder and Kommisaris (Commissioner).

Mr. Nyoman Pahardi Dedi Mulia was the Direktur Utama; he has a law (Sarjana Hukum) qualification.

Mr. Marcellus Adi CTR is a Veterinarian from Bogor Agriculture University who has been a pioneer researcher of Indonesian endangered wildlife conservation programs, studying the behavior of Sumatran Rhinos.

Ms. Marie Gale is actively involved in a range of conservation and sustainable agriculture activities. She has extensive business management experience at a senior executive and CEO level in Australia and Japan.

Mr. Steve Noakes is a 30 year veteran in the travel and tourism industry and a leading Asia Pacific advocate for sustainable tourism approaches by industry, government and communities. Steve is also on the board of The Global Sustainable Council (USA).

Our Second Board

The Second Board of the company was voted in by the members at the AGM on April 13th 2013. Steve Noakes (he subsequently has been re elected back on to the Board, see below) and Marcel Ady have left the Board due to pressure of work but will remain on our Advisory Board. Four new members have joined Marie Gale and Alan Wilson for the next 5 years. These new persons are

Helen Scott Orr who is one of Australia’s best known veterinarians having been the Chief Veterinarian for the state of New South Wales and just appointed as Inspector General Disease Prevention. She has had a long and distinguished relationship with Indonesia working in both long and short term assignments since 1977. Helen speaks fluent Bahasa Indonesia and currently is a private consultant to a number of private and government agencies including AusAID and The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. Helen lives in Sydney with her husband Tim Kelly.

Gede Ori Ariandika born in Singaraja and educated both in Singaraja and Udayana University where he obtained a degree in economics. Gede joined Ecolodges Indonesia in 2000 and has served in the company in many capacities in the Accounts Department, as managers of both Udayana and Rimba lodges, in charge of our Eco certification process with Green Globe, as a member of the Board of Management and now Head of the companies Tours, Travel and Reservation Department. He plays a key role in all aspects of the development of the company.

John Diment is an Australian with worldwide experience in chemical laboratories especially in Australia, UK and Indonesia. He lived in Bogor, Indonesia in the early 80s and then to an international company in the UK. John currently lives in Tasmania with his wife Elizabeth Haworth a well known internationally acclaimed doctor in the field of preventive medicine.

Gede Anjasmara, our Direktur Utama was appointed on the Board in December 2014. Gede was born in Singaraja, had his tertiary education in Computer Science at Duta Wacana Christian University in Yogyakarta and is our new Direktur Utama (CEO) and we welcome him on the Board. Gede has served us since 1997 firstly in the INI RADEF Foundation and subsequently in the administration of Ecolodges Indonesia. His experience and loyal and honest work are greatly appreciated. Gede takes over at an important time in the company’s history and development.

Steve Noakes has rejoined us (he was on our first Board (2008 – 2013) and has brought much needed knowledge of the global tourism industry. He is a valuable source also on global NGOs and how they fit into the struggle for conservation of our environment.

Our International Advisory Group

International Advisory Group Overview as PDF

The IAG provides a Think-Tank to consider strategic challenging issues and opportunities confronting the Board of Directors of Eco Lodges Indonesia. These individuals come from within Indonesia and abroad and bring unique knowledge and skills which complement the formal Board members decision making to achieve the Vision of Eco Lodges Indonesia. They provide guidance, not governance and volunteer their time, expertise, professional profiles and reputations.

The chairman of this group is Steve Noakes, Director, Pacific Asia Tourism Pty. Ltd. and Director, Eco Lodges Indonesia. Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, Australia.

The Board of Management

The day to day management of the company is by a Board of Management whose Chairman currently is Gede Anjasmara (Direktur Utama). This Board includes Gede Ori (Head of Ecosafari Indonesia), Meryl Wilson (eco designer and adviser) and Kadek Dediarini (Head of Accounts). All have served the company loyally for many years.