Eco Certification

Conservation, Community and Culture the Heart of our Existence

Ecolodges Indonesia strives to provide a unique eco-tourism experience to each of our guests.

Each lodge is dedicated to education and engaging communities in sustainability, the environment, promoting the unique and diverse cultures of the Indonesian people and supporting efforts to protect some of the world’s most endangered species.

Eco Certification

Ecolodges Indonesia commenced in 1996 seeking methods to measure our ecological footprint with the establishment of our first lodge, The Udayana Kingfisher Ecolodge in Bali. Our first international partner was the Environmental Department of The University of Western Sydney who gave us a system based on “Six Pillars of Eco-tourism”.

ELI then began a beneficial relationship with Green Globe 21 with the aim of quantifying the “Six Pillar” system to obtain an international Eco certification entailing four years of bench marking (2002 – 2006) prior to obtaining Eco certification.

Udayana Kingfisher Ecolodge was the first small hotel in Indonesia to achieve Green Globe Certified status.

In more recent times, Ecolodges Indonesia has been working with the not-for-profit Sustainable Travel International (STI) on their standard Eco-certification program. STI has reached the minimum international guidelines established by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

ELI has now made a company ecological standard of measurements based on the Six Pillars with a possible score of over 11,250 points. Each lodge has an ELI Eco score and has to improve through annual plans.

Eco Friendly/Eco Certification

The Six Pillars based Ecolodges Indonesia Eco score provides international standard benchmarks for our Eco-friendly business systems, greening our workplace practices and cultivating strong relationships with the local communities where we operate our lodges.

All our Lodges are established as conservation areas.

A sanctuary for birds and animals, native plants and special flowers to encourage butterflies.

•        We conserve the immediate environment it is central for our business.

•        Rainwater is stored for use where possible.

•        All water is recycled on to the gardens through a biological recycling system.

•        Rubbish is recycled: paper, bottles, cans and clean plastic.

•        A worm farm recycles kitchen waste.

•        Chemical cleaners and sprays are kept to a minimum – we use vinegar!

•        Solar hot water systems, solar lights and energy saving bulbs help to reduce the use of non renewable energy.

•        Training programs raise awareness of the environment amongst staff, guests and the wider community.

•        Over 99% of our staff are local!

•        Our accounts are transparent and a percentage of profit is used for further environmental protection.