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About Ecolodges Indonesia

JOIN US viewing the wonders of Indonesia’s culture and wildlife.  We are the only company in Indonesia which aims to assist in the conservation of Indonesia’s iconic national parks by developing ecologically based hotels  on the edge of iconic parks and creating ECO TOURISM experiences which produce sustainable jobs dependent on the environment.  Our company also is the only company with it’s own eco certification systems for measuring our ecological foot print (see our WHY ECO section where the term ECO is clearly defined). The best way to protect the forests of our parks is to create a love of the mother countries forests by the local people. This will be greatly helped by visiting our lodges. HELP US achieve these objectives and HAVE A UNIQUE and HAPPY experience at the same time.  Over 70% of our profits are ploughed back into company eco tourism development.

Ecolodges Indonesia manage a unique collection of  more natural, more diverse lodges located across the Indonesian archipelago. Currently we consult with the management of registered eco lodges, which include the Rimba Orangutan, Satwa Elephant Sumatra, Kelimutu Crater Lakes,  Udayana Kingfisher and Bajo Komodo.

Our travel partner Ecosafari Indonesia … is proud to present, for the Eco Traveler, these unique eco  hotels (for accommodation and tours) in Bali (Udayana), Borneo (Rimba), Flores (Komodo and Kelimutu) and Sumatra (Satwa), where you can experience the untouched magic of Indonesia. Walk with Komodo dragons, ride on Sumatran elephants, possibly see endangered Sumatran rhinos and tigers, and view orangutans, gibbons, proboscis monkeys and other primate species in the rain forest jungles of Borneo. You can also experience rare butterflies and birds, dive on pristine coral reefs, see the Kelimutu crater lakes, trek through tropical rain forests enjoy a swim in the pool or just relax in beautiful surroundings. Ecolodges Indonesia is deeply committed to the conservation of Indonesia’s rich biodiversity and a percentage of revenue goes to developing and supporting conservation projects.


Our travel partner, Eco Safari Indonesia will gladly organize all of your internal flights, park entry permits, boat hire, and any other travel requirements. We can also arrange carefully tailored special packages with professional, national or international guides if requested to two or more Lodges to suit your interests. We have a team of specially company trained guides to serve all our lodges.



How we are Eco

All our other Eco Lodges have been recognized in their commitment to operating at a high environmental standard for tourism and were awarded Green Globe certification. See our Eco Certification